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Project-Team : evasion

Section: Other Grants and Activities

European projects

Network of excellence Aim@Shape

Participants: Alexis Angelidis, Georges-Pierre Bonneau, Marie-Paule Cani, Frank Hétroy, Basile Sauvage, Alex Yvart.

The mission of AIM@SHAPE is to advance research in the direction of semantic-based shape representations and semantic-oriented tools to acquire, build, transmit, and process shapes with their associated knowledge. We foresee a new generation of shapes in which knowledge is explicitly represented and, therefore, can be retrieved, processed, shared, and exploited to construct new knowledge. This Network of Excellence started in December 2003. This year Georges-Pierre Bonneau and Marie-Paule Cani have actively collaborated in the publication of STAR reports on the topics covered by the Network. Georges-Pierre Bonneau has participated a Network Meeting in Santorini dedicated to Knowledge-based systems, and has co-organized a Network meeting in Grenoble.


Participants: Marie-Paule Cani, François Faure, Laks Raghupathi.

Odysseus is a European project on the simulation of laparoscopic surgery. Driven by IRCAD, it involves two industrial partners (Karl Storz, SimSurgery) and three research projects of INRIA (EVASION, EPIDAURE, ALCOVE). The overall project is to develop several commercial products over the next three years. Our participation is related to planning and real-time simulation using patient-specific data.