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Doctoral dissertations and Habilitation theses

J. Combaz.
Utilisation de phenomenes de croissance pour la generation de formes en synthese d'images, Ph. D. Thesis, UJF, may 2004,
C. Larboulette.
Traitement temps-réel déformations de la peau et des tissus sous-cutanés pour l'animation de personnages, Ph. D. Thesis, INSA de Rennes, Nov 2004,
F. Perbet.
Modélisation multi-échelle procédurale de scénes animées, Ph. D. Thesis, INP Grenoble, Feb 2004,

Articles in referred journals and book chapters

G. Dewaele, M.-P. Cani.
Interactive Global and Local Deformations for Virtual Clay, in: "to be published in Graphical Models (GMOD)", Special Issue. A first version of this paper appeared in the proceedings of Pacific Graphics'03, 2004.
L. France, J. Lenoir, A. Angelidis, P. Meseure, M.-P. Cani, F. Faure, C. Chaillou.
A Layered Model of a Virtual Human Intestine for Surgery Simulation, in: "Medical Images Analysis, Elsevier Sciences", 2004,
G. Pourtois, D. Sander, M. Andres, D. Grandjean, L. Reveret, E. Olivier, P. Vuilleumier.
Dissociable roles of the human somatosensory and superior temporal cortices for processing social face signals, in: "European Journal of Neuroscience", 2004,
L. Raghupathi, L. Grisoni, F. Faure, D. Marchall, M.-P. Cani, C. Chaillou.
An Intestine Surgery Simulator: Real-Time Collision Processing and Visualization, in: "IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics", Nov/Dec 2004, vol. 10, no 6, p. 708–718,
B. Sauvage, S. Hahmann, G.-P. Bonneau.
Length Preserving Multiresolution Editing of Curves, in: "Computing", 2004, vol. 72, no 2, p. 161-170,
F. Zara, F. Faure, J.-M. Vincent.
Parallel Simulation of Large Dynamic System on a PCs Cluster: Application to Cloth Simulation, in: "International Journal of Computers and Applications", special issue on cluster/grid computing, march 2004,

Publications in Conferences and Workshops

A. Angelidis, M.-P. Cani, G. Wyvill, S. King.
Swirling-Sweepers: Constant Volume Modeling, in: "Pacific Graphics'2004, Korea", Best paper award, oct 2004,
A. Angelidis, G. Wyvill, M.-P. Cani.
Sweepers: Swept User-Defined Tools for Modeling by Deformation, in: "Shape Modeling International", Best paper award, IEEE, Genova, Italy, june 2004,
D. Bourguignon, R. Chaine, M.-P. Cani, G. Drettakis.
Relief: A Modeling by Drawing Tool, in: "First Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling (SBM'04), Grenoble, France", J. Hughes, J. Jorge (editors)., Eurographics, sep 2004, p. 151-160,
A. Bouthors, F. Neyret.
Modeling Clouds Shape, in: "Eurographics '04 (short papers)", E. G. M. Alexa (editor)., august 2004,
P. Decaudin, F. Neyret.
Packing Square Tiles into One Texture, in: "Eurographics '04 (short papers)", E. G. M. Alexa (editor)., august 2004, p. 49–52,
P. Decaudin, F. Neyret.
Rendering Forest Scenes in Real-Time, in: "Rendering Techniques '04 (Eurographics Symposium on Rendering)", A. K. H. W. Jensen (editor)., june 2004, p. 93–102,
F. Dellas, L. Reveret.
Video Capture of Skin Motion using Calibrated Fabrics, in: "Workshop on Modelling and Motion Capture Techniques for Virtual Environments, CAPTECH'04", dec 2004,
G. Dewaele, M.-P. Cani.
Virtual Clay for Direct Hand Manipulation, in: "Eurographics '04 (short papers)", 2004,
L. Favreau, L. Reveret, C. Depraz, M.-P. Cani.
Animal Gaits From Video, in: "Symposium on Computer Animation", ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics, 2004,
S. Kimmerle, M. Nesme, F. Faure.
Hierarchy Accelerated Stochastic Collision Detection, in: "Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2004, Stanford, California", 2004,
C. Larboulette, M.-P. Cani.
Real-Time Dynamic Wrinkles, in: "Computer Graphics International", Greece, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2004,
S. Lefebvre, F. Neyret, S. Hornus, J. Thollot.
MobiNet: a pedagogic platform for Computer Science, Maths and Physics (How to make students love Maths by programming video games), in: "Eurographics - Education", Grenoble, Eurographics, august 2004,
G. Pourtois, D. Sander, M. Andres, D. Grandjean, L. Reveret, E. Olivier, P. Vuilleumier.
Dissociable contribution of somatosensory and superior lateral temporal cortices in social face recognition, in: "Neuroscience 2004", 2004,
M. Teschner, S. Kimmerle, G. Zachmann, B. Heidelberger, L. Raghupathi, A. Fuhrmann, M.-P. Cani, F. Faure, N. Magnetat-Thalmann, W. Strasser.
Collision Detection for Deformable Objects, in: "Proc. Eurographics State-of-the-Art Report", Eurographics Association, Eurographics Association, 2004, p. 119–139,
E. Turquin, M.-P. Cani, J. Hughes.
Sketching garments for virtual characters, in: "Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling", J. F. Hughes, J. A. Jorge (editors)., Eurographics, august 2004,

Internal Reports

R. Blanch, E. Ferley, M.-P. Cani, J.-D. Gascuel.
Non-Realistic Haptic Feedback for Virtual Sculpture, Projets ARTIS et EVASION, theme 3, Technical report, INRIA, U.R. Rhone-Alpes, January 2004, no RR-5090,
J. Combaz, F. Neyret.
Semi-interactive morphogenesis, Technical report, INRIA, septembre 2004, no 5302,
S. Lefebvre, S. Hornus, F. Neyret.
All-Purpose Texture Sprites, Technical report, INRIA, May 2004, no 5209,


J. Allard, P. Barla, F. Bertails, J.-S. Franco, R. LeHy, C. Menier.
Interagir Avec le VirtuelDémonstration en Public à la Fête de la Science 2004 à l'IMAG, Grenoble, France, October 2004.
A. Angelidis, M.-P. Cani, G. Wyvill, S. King.
Swirling-Sweepers: Constant Volume ModellingTechnical Sketches Proceeding, Los Angeles, USA, ACM SIGGRAPH, jul 2004,
F. Bertails, M.-P. Cani.
Animation de chevelures : du temps réel à la recherche de réalismeJournées Francophones du Groupe de Travail Animation et Simulation 2004 (GTAS'04), Reims, France, June 2004.
F. Cohen, P. Decaudin, F. Neyret.
GPU-Based Lighting and Shadowing of Complex Natural ScenesSiggraph'04 Poster (Conf. DVD-ROM), Los Angeles, USA, august 2004,
C. Larboulette, M.-P. Cani, B. Arnaldi.
Ajout de détails à une animation de personnage existante : cas des plis dynamiquesJournées Francophones d'Informatique Graphique (AFIG'2004), Poitiers, France, nov 2004,
S. Lefebvre, F. Neyret.
Octree Textures on the GPUGPU Gems II, to be published as a chapter in GPU Gems II, Addison Wesley, 2005.
M. Nesme, F. Faure, M. Chabanas.
Eléments finis robustes pour l'animation interactive de solides déformablesJournées Francophones d'Informatique Graphique (AFIG'2004), Poitiers, France, nov 2004,