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Project-Team : eiffel

Section: New Results


EIFFEL's research has been focusing on collective, rather than individual design, for several years now. Nevertheless, for many reasons, research on individual design is still relevant to our focus. Firstly, even if many design projects are undertaken by large teams involving numerous designers, engineers and other participants, and even if discussions, negotiations and cognitive and operative synchronization play a crucial role in the elaboration and selection of solutions, a large proportion of design activity remains the work of single individuals, particularly during the stages of distributed design. Secondly, even during the stages of codesign, cognitive activities in collective design are the same as those that are implemented in individual design, with in addition other activities specific to cooperative work (particularly coordination, communication, management of viewpoints, synchronization and conflict resolution, primarily in argumentative activities). We have no grounds to suppose that cooperation modifies the nature of the elementary problem-solving processes implemented in design (i.e. solution development and evaluation processes). Finally, the development of appropriate work environments, such as shared and private work spaces in computer-mediated design, requires analyzing the articulation between the different forms of reasoning implemented in both individually and collectively conducted activities.