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Project-Team : dart

Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives

Organization of the 2004 Forum on Specification and Design Languages (FDL'04)

Pierre Boulet was the general chair of the FDL'04 in September 2004 in Lille. This workshop was co-organized by ECSI (the European Chip and Socket Design Initiative), the university of Lille and the INRIA Futurs. It was structured around 4 themes:

A book with a selection of the best papers of FDL04 is being edited by Pierre Boulet and should be available during the second quarter of 2005.

Partnership with the Center of Embedded Computer Systems, University of California

SpecC is a system-level design language (SLDL) and a system-level design methodology developed by Daniel Gajski. In august during a six-week visit of Samy Meftali to CECS, we have developed together a first test of integration of SystemC and SpecC systems. From these very promising results, we have decided to establish a full collaboration between DaRT and CECS. This one covers the interoperability of the two systems and with Isaac Scherson it covers the IP definition in SpecC and SystemC of alignment network hardware components for shared memory multi processors. We have submit a proposal of associated INRIA team in 2004.