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Major publications by the team in recent years

A. Amar, P. Boulet, J.-L. Dekeyser.
Towards Distributed Process Networks with CORBA, in: "Parallel and Distributed Computing Practice on Algorithms", Special Issue on Parallel and Distributed Computing Practice on Algorithms, 2003.
A. Amar, P. Boulet, J.-L. Dekeyser, F. Theeuwen.
Distributed Process Networks Using Half FIFO Queues in CORBA, in: "ParCo'2003, Dresden, Germany", Parallel Computing, September 2003.
P. Boulet, A. Cuccurru, J.-L. Dekeyser, C. Dumoulin, P. Marquet, M. Samyn, R. de Simone, G. Siegel, T. Saunier.
MDA for SoC Design: UML To SystemC Experiment, in: "USOC 2004 - International Workshop on UML for SoC Design (Sponsored by DAC 2004), San Diego, California", June 2004.
P. Boulet, J.-L. Dekeyser, C. Dumoulin, P. Marquet.
MDA for System-on-Chip Design, Intensive Signal Processing Experiment, in: "FDL'03, Fankfurt, Germany", September 2003.
A. Cuccuru, P. Boulet, J.-L. Dekeyser.
Regular Hardware Architecture Modeling with UML2, in: "FDL04, Lille, France", September 2004.
N. Kadri, S. .Niar, A. Baba-Ali.
Impact of Code Compression on the Power Consumption in Embedded Systems, in: "international conference on Embedded Systems and Applications ESA'03", June 2003.
S. Meftali, J. Vennin, J.-L. Dekeyser.
A fast SystemC simulation Methodology fo Multi-Level IP/SoC Design, in: "IFIP International Workshop On IP Based System-on-Chip Design, Grenoble, France", November 2003.
S. Meftali, J. Vennin, J.-L. Dekeyser.
Automatic Generation of Geographically Distributed System Simulation Models for IP/SoC Design, in: "The 46th IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Cairo, Egypt", December 2003.
S. Niar, L. Eeckhout, K. DeBosschere.
Comparing multiported cache schemes, in: "PDPTA-2003", June 2003.
H. Sbeyti, S. Niar, L. Eeckhout.
Adaptive Prefetching for Multimedia Applications in Embedded Systems, in: "DATE'04, Paris, France", EDA IEEE, February 2004.

Publications in Conferences and Workshops

A.-C. Aljundi, J.-L. Dekeyser.
The Effect of the Degree of Multistage Interconnection Networks on their Performance: the Case of Delta and Over-sized Delta Networks, in: "2004 Euromicro on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Coruna, Spain", February 2004.
A.-C. Aljundi, J.-L. Dekeyser, M.-T. Kechadi.
On the Scalability of Multistage Interconnection Networks, in: "IEEE first International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications, Damascus, Syria", April 2004.
L. Bondé, C. Dumoulin, J.-L. Dekeyser.
Metamodels and MDA Transformations for Embedded Systems, in: "FDL04, Lille, France", September 2004.
S. Meftal, J. Vennin, J.-L. Dekeyser.
Méthodologie de simulation multi niveaux, pour la conception de systèmes monopuces en SystemC, in: "CISC04, Jijel, Algeria", sep 2004.
S. Meftali, J.-L. Dekeyser.
An Optimal Charge Balancing Model for Fast Distributed SystemC Simulation in IP/SoC Design, in: "The 4th IEEE International Workshop System-on-Chip for Real-Time Applications (IWSOC 04), Banff, Alberta, Canada", July 2004.
S. Meftali, J.-L. Dekeyser.
SoC P2P: A Peer-to-Peer IP Based SoCs Design and Simulation Tool, in: "5th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (PRO-VE'04), Toulouse, France", August 2004.
S. Meftali, M. Samyn, J.-L. Dekeyser.
Approche MDA, avec plateforme SystemC, pour la conception de systèmes monopuces dédiés au traitement de signal intensif, in: "CISC04, Jijel, Algeria", sep 2004.
M. Samyn, S. Meftali, J.-L. Dekeyser.
Performances Estimation Metamodel for MDA Based SoC Design, in: "International Workshop on IP Based SoC design, Grenoble, France", December 2004.
M. Samyn, S. Meftali, J.-L. Dekeyser.
MDA Based, SystemC Code Generation, Applied to Intensive Signal Processing Applications, in: "FDL04, Lille, France", September 2004.
E. Turbatu, S. Meftali, S. Niar, J.-L. Dekeyser.
An automatic communication synthesis for high level SoC design using transaction level modeling, in: "FDL04, Lille, France", September 2004.
J. Vennin, S. Meftali, J.-L. Dekeyser.
Understanding and Extending SystemC User Thread Package to IA-64 Platform, in: "International Workshop on IP Based SoC design, Grenoble, France", December 2004.

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