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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: Coprin

Project : coprin

Section: New Results

Keywords : wires robot, static analysis, kinematic analysis, interval analysis, parallel robot.

Parallel wires robots

Participants : Jean-Pierre Merlet, David Daney, Alejandra Sanchez-Gonzales, Viorel Ciausu.

We intend to build a wire robot that will be used as a force-feedback haptic device for the workbench of the research unit. Although several wires robots have been developed in many laboratories we have the following objectives:

Optimal design

Keywords : optimal design, wires robot.

Workspace is an important task criteria and a design strategy must address this performance index. Compared to classical parallel robot the workspace of wires parallel robot is deeply influenced by the additional constraints that the wire tension must be positive (to avoid slack wires) and lower than a pre-defined threshold. The relationship between the wrench Im3 $\#8497 $ applied on the end-effector, the location X of the end-effector, the wires tension $ \tau$ and the kinematics parameters Im2 $\#119979 $ defines an under-constrained system of equations Im4 ${A(X,\#119979 )\#964 =\#8497 }$ that is linear in the wires tension and in the end-effector wrench. We have applied interval analysis methods to determine an approximation of the allowed region for the end-effector such that, being given the wrench Im3 $\#8497 $, the wires tension $ \tau$ satisfied the tension constraints. This approximation is constituted of a list of possible ranges for X, that allows the design of an efficient trajectory verifier/planner.

Mechanical design of a modular parallel wires robot

Keywords : wires robot, mechanical design, modularity, parallel robot.

Our work has focused on the mechanical design of a modular wires robot which should allow:

Our design is based on independent reconfigurable driving modules that include electrical motor, modular hoist, elastic element, and tension sensor.


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