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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: Coprin

Project : coprin

Section: New Results

Keywords : constraint programming, interval analysis, symbolic-numerical calculation, numerical robustness, systems solving, constraint satisfaction problems (CSP), global optimization.

Systems solving in continuous domains

Systems solving and optimization are clearly the core of our research activities. We focus on systems solving as many applications in engineering sciences require finding all isolated solutions to systems of constraints over real numbers. It is difficult to solve as the inherent computational complexity is NP-hard and numerical issues are critical in practice. For example, it is far from being obvious to guarantee correctness and completeness as well as to ensure termination. Overall complexity of our solvers cannot be estimated in general and consequently only extensive experiments allow to estimate their practical complexity which is in general quite different from the worst case exponential complexity.

Our research focus on the following axis:

The theoretical work of this year addresses systems of geometrical constraints and distance equations (subjects on which we are working since the very beginning of the project), optimization (a theme that we have planned to consider for a long time as interval analysis is one of the very few methods that allows for global optimization) and linear systems (a topic that is important both for the applications and for the interval analysis algorithms)


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