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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: Coprin

Project : coprin

Section: Software

Keywords : local search, metaheuristics.


Participants : Bertrand Neveu, Gilles Trombettoni.

We have continued the development of the C++ INCOP library of incomplete methods for solving combinatorial optimization problems. This library offers classical local search methods such as simulated annealing, tabu search as well as a population based method, Go With the Winners. Several problems had been encoded, including Constraint Satisfaction Problems, graph coloring, frequency assignment.

We have this year extended the library into three directions :

  1. A new simple local search metaheuristics named IDW (Intensification - Diversification Walk) has been developed. For selecting the next move, only a part of the neighborhood is explored and the first move leading to a better or equal configuration is chosen. When no such a move is found in that part of the neighborhood, the algorithm selects a worsening move. The main parameter of this algorithm is the size of the part of the neighborhood that is examined at each move (intensification) A second parameter defines two variants for escaping local minima when no better or equal neighbor has been found (diversification). IDW(any) chooses any worsening neighbor , and IDW (best) chooses the less worsening neighbor. This metaheuristics has given good results on different benchmarks (graph coloring, car sequencing, frequency assignment ...)[31].

  2. An automatic parameter tuning tool has been proposed : it can robustly tune the one or two parameters of simple local search algorithms such as simulated annealing, tabu search, IDW ,etc ...[31]

  3. New problems as the well known car sequencing problem defined in the CSP-LIB, and weighted n-ary CSPs defined in wcsp format proposed by de Givry(De Givry is a research scientist of INRA that tests exhaustively software for combinatorial optimization) can now be solved by INCOP.

The new version 1.1 of this library, named INCOP, is now available at


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