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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: Coprin

Project : coprin

Section: Software

Keywords : constraints solving, optimization, symbolic computation, grid computing.


Participants : Jean-Pierre Merlet [correspondant], Gilles Chabert, David Daney, Yves Papegay.

The ALIAS library (Algorithms Library of Interval Analysis for Systems) is a collection of procedures based on interval analysis for systems solving and optimization. Its development has started in 1998.

ALIAS is constituted of two parts:

Our effort this year has focused on:

For dissemination purpose Y. Papegay has also written a web interface for two of our solvers. This on-line service, available since the end of September 2004, allows one to submit a set of up to 5 equations/inequalities to these solvers and to possibly get all the solutions of the system (see Approximately 100 systems have been submitted in October 2004.

As mentioned previously our algorithms are well suited for a distributed implementation. The ALIAS-Maple interface already allows to use our algorithms in that way on a cluster by using the master-slaves paradigm and the message passing scheme PVM. But this paradigm is limited to a relatively small number of slaves. We have started a cooperation with the OASIS, APACHE and PARIS projects for using a grid-computing approach with as application example a difficult problem in quantum mechanic (see the corresponding section).

The current version of the ALIAS library is available through the Web page


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