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Project-Team : calligramme

Section: Software


The eXtensible Metagrammar Generator [20] (XMG) is a tool for generating large coverage grammars from concise descriptions of linguistic phenomenena (the so-called metagrammar). This software is a Calligramme and Langue Et Dialogue joint work and was formerly known as The Metagrammar Workbench.

The generated grammars can be lexicalized tree adjoining grammars or interaction grammars, although XMG may easily be extended to any lexicalized formalism based on tree descriptions. Each lexical item is composed of both a tree description and a semantic dimension adapted to the hole semantics.

This software is based on two important concepts from logic programming, namely, Warren's Abstract Machine and constraints on finite sets. It was developed by Benoît Crabbé, Yannick Parmentier, Denys Duchier and Joseph Le Roux. The first release is available at