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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: AxIS

Project : axis

Section: Software

Clustering Toolbox Online

Participants : Marc Csernel, Sergiu Chelcea, Francesco de Carvalho, Mihai Jurca, Yves Lechevallier [co-correspondant], Brigitte Trousse [co-correspondant].

The clustering toolbox, written in C++and Java, groups all tools and classification methods developed by the team over time, and uses the SOM library developed by M. Csernel. This library proposes a common data interface to every algorithm. This toolbox supports developers in integrating various classification methods and testing and comparing with other methods. Now it integrates the four methods :

We developed an Web interface for this clustering toolbox for our own needs. The aim of this Clustering Tools Online interface is in a short term to allow other team members and Internet users to use these classification methods to processing their own data via the Web. The Web interface is developed in C++, run on our Apache internal Web server.


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