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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: AxIS

Project : axis

Section: Overall Objectives

Keywords : information system, user-centered design, evaluation process, information retrieval, Web mining, Web usage mining, document mining, content mining, structure mining, knowledge management, viewpoint management, experience management, semantic Web, XML, ontology, RDF knowledge discovery, KDD, data mining, sequential pattern, statistics, clustering, classification, neuronal network, hierarchical clustering, semantic checking, artificial intelligence, case-based reasoning, adaptive interface, recommender system, multimedia, WWW, transportation.


The AxIS project-team was created on July 1st, 2003. AxIS is a multi-disciplinary team (Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining & Analysis and Software Engineering). It leads researches in the area of Information Systems (ISs) (particularly Web-based information systems like web sites) and aims to develop methods and tools for supporting user-centered design, analysis and improvement of ISs. The objectives of our research are twofold. The first one is to assist both designers and users involved with ISs. The second objective is to anticipate from the design step and/or support the following tasks : 1) Usage analysis for the evaluation process and 2) Maintenance and integration of frequent site evolutions

Our approach to IS formalisation for improved quality is inspired from works in semantics in programming languages, making a parallel between the syntax of programming languages and the structure of a web-based information system (or semi-structured documents).

Figure 1. Global View of AxIS Research Topics

Our research program (cf. fig. 1) distinguishes between the static and the dynamic aspects of ISs (cf. section  3.1) to achieve the following goals:

In the area of software development, AxIS aims at defining specific languages based on ontologies relating to specific activities, and proposes software platforms for the assistance of the specification and evaluation of IS.


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