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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: AxIS

Project : axis

Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Initiatives


A-M. Vercoustre collaborates with RMIT, Computer Sciences department, Melbourne, Australia, where she is co-supervising a student working on XML search (Jovan Pehcevski) [45]. In this context, she participated in the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval ( INEX-2004), DELOS network of Excellence. [46]

A-M. Vercoustre collaborated with CSIRO-ICT, Melbourne, on the application of Documents technologies for reusing educational material.

A-M. Vercoustre organised two seminars with australian invited speakers (cf. section  9.1.4).


We continue our collaboration on clustering and web usage mining with F. A. T. de Carvalho from Federal University of Pernambuco (Récife) and his team. We welcomed F.A.T. de Carvalho, in March-April and September. During this year some analysis of Recife Log files are carried out by students from Recife University, Napoly University and by AxIS members.


Y. Lechevallier pursues his collaboration with A. Ciampi (Univ of McGIll, Montréal) [39]. E. Guichard has various contacts with Jacques Lajoie (UQAM, Canada), David Olson (U. Toronto), Serge Proulx (UQAM).


A workshop on Complex Data Analysis was organised by Pr. Wang, Huien and Pr. Siwei, Cheng (Beijang University, Beijing, October 27-29) with the financial support of the National Nature Science Foundation of China., the Beijing Univ. of Aeronautic and Astronautic, Inria and the Univ. of Naples (Frederico II). E. Diday (Dauphine University), G. Hébrail (ENST), J.-P. Nakache (Inserm), G. Saporta (CNAM) and Y. Lechevallier (Inria) were the French speakers.


Via the CNRS action ``History of Knowledge'' and also via the consortium members of EuropeAid projet of Asia-Information Technology and Communications: Bhandrakar Institute, India and Mahendra Sanskrit University, Nepal.


AxIS is involved in a France-Morocco thematic network in software engineering and, in this context, B. Trousse co-supervises with Abdelaziz Marzark (UNiversity of Casablanca) a Ph-D student: H. Behja (ENSAM, Meknès, Morocco). The Third Joint Meeting of France-Morocco Cooperation Program ( << Atelier STIC >>) between the three current thematic networks was help in Rabat, Dec 13-15 (B. Trousse and H. Behja). H. Behja presented his thesis work to the scientific committee.


We maintained our contacts with the Computer Science department of the West University of Timisoara (Prof Viorel Negru). S. Chelcea and C. Garboni visited V. Negru during one week during the period of the SYNASC Conference (Timisoara). For the future, we planned via the Brancusi PAI to initiate a collaboration on ``High performance algorithms using grid computing for Data Mining''.


Y. Lechevallier was invited in january by ENIT (professor Ben Ahmed) at Tunis for a tutorial on ``Data Mining and neural Methods''. Possible cooperations were studied via a co-supervision of future doctoral students.


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