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Project: AxIS

Project : axis

Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Initiatives

IST European Network : Ontoweb

AxIS participated in the European network Ontoweb (Ontology-based Information Exchange for Multilingual Electronic Commerce and Information Integration) proposed in 2000 by Dieter Fensel (Division of Mathematics & Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

The project ended in May 2004 with an excellent evaluation.

IST European Project: ASSO


ASSO was a project of the European Union Fifth framework Research and Development program in the Information Society Technology strand, number IST-2000-25161. ASSO offered methods, methodology and software tools for the analysis of multidimensional complex data (numerical or non numerical) coming from databases in statistical offices and administrations using Symbolic Data Analysis. ASSO ended this year.

ASSO was based around nine working groups ("Workpackages") with the participation of fifteen partners ("Consortium").

AxIS contributions to program

COST Action 282

In 2004, we participed actively in the COST Action 282 (2001-2005): ``Knowledge Exploration in Science and Technology''.


EuropAid project: Sanskrit

An Asia-Information Technology and Communications project (EuropeAid) has been submitted and accepted by the EEC. This project aims to design a most advanced IT tool for an "archaeology of ancient Asian texts" (mainly written in Sankrit). It will start in 2005 for one year.

Consortium members of this projet are: 1) Inria, AxIS team 2) Bhandrakar Institute, India, 3) University Sapienza di Roma, Italy and 4) Mahendra Sanskrit University, Nepal.

Other Collaborations


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