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Project: AxIS

Project : axis

Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Initiatives

AxIS is involved in several national working groups.

CNRS RTP 12: << information et connaissance: découvrir et résumer >>

In the context of the pluri-disciplinary thematic network 12, H. Behja, F.Masséglia and B. Trousse participated to the CNRS Specific Action (AS 120) ``Disco Challenge'' animated by J.F. Boulicaut and B. Crémilleux. They attended the worshop held at EGC04 in January where H. Behja presented the work done in his PhD thesis [55]).

CNRS RTP 15: << économie, organisation & STIC >>

In the context of the pluri-disciplinary thematic network35 , our team participated in the CNRS Specific Action (AS 140) "Données dynamiques et mesures des flux sur internet", animated by L. Lebart (CNRS & ENST Paris) and V. Beaudoin (FT R&D). M. Csernel, E. Guichard, Y. Lechevallier, F. Rossi, A-M. Vercoustre participated to the seminar held in Paris (September, 23). Doru Tanasa maintains the web server for this action.

CNRS RTP 33: << DOC >>

This CNRS STIC - SHS departments network called ``RTP DOC'' ( started the 31 may 2002 under the animation of Jean-Michel Salaün (Enssib, Lyon). E. Guichard participates related to the reflexion of internet measures, initiated during the workshop ``Mesures de l'internet we organized in Nice [11].

CNRS << Action Concertée : Histoire des savoirs >>

This initiative associates several French research teams from various research fields, such as computer science, data analysis, and Sanskrit literature. The main goal of this action is to provide help for the construction of critical edition of Indian manuscripts in Sanskrit, and to provide pertinent information about the manuscripts classification (construction of cladistic trees). The expected tools will not be restricted to Sanskrit language.

EGC << National Group on Mining Complex Data >>


AxIS members participated actively this year to the Working Group ``Fouille de données complexes'' created by D.A Zighed in June 2003 in the context of the EGC association:

  1. B. Trousse with P. Gancarski (LSIIT, Strasbourg) co-organised and co-chaired the first workshop ``Fouille de données complexes dans un processus d'extraction de connaissances'' (January 23-24, 2004) [10]. Y. Lechevallier and F. Masséglia were members of the program committee.

  2. F. Masséglia with O. Boussaid co-animated the topic "organisation and structuration of complex data" of the national group on mining complex data. He co-organised a working day on March 16, 2004 at ENSAM, Paris. B. Trousse presented AxIS works related to the notion of complexity of a Web usage Mining process. Other AxIS participants: Y. Lechevallier, A. El Golli, F. Rossi, B. Conan-Guez, M. Csernel.

  3. F. Masséglia and B. Trousse participated in the main meeting of the working group held in Lyon (ERIC) on September 17, 2004.


AxIS participated to three working groups of the GDR-PRC I3 National Research Group "Information - Interaction - Intelligence" of CNRS :

Other Collaborations


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