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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: AxIS

Project : axis

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Industrial Contracts

EPIA : a RNTL Project (2003-2005)

Inria Contract Reference: S04 AO485 00 SOPML00 1

The EPIA project "Evolution of an Adaptive Information Portal" got labeled by RNTL 2002, and started on September 2003 for two years and half. Partners are Dalkia, Mediapps and Inria. We continued the work on this contract in the following directions:

We held various AxIS project meetings in Paris during this year (the last one was on 20 October 2004 involved Brigitte Trousse, Mihai Jurca, Y. Lechevallier, Aicha El Golli and Luc Beaubois).

The Epia project was presented by the project manager P. Snieg (Mediapps) via a poster at the national RNTL workshop at Rennes in october.

MobiVIP : a PREDIT Project (2004-2006)

Inria Contract Reference: 2 03 A2005 00 00MP5 01 1

MobiVIP, Individual Public Vehicles for Mobility in town centres, is a research project of Predit 3 (Integration of the Communication and Information systems Group). It involves five research laboratories and seven small business companies (SME), in order to experiment, show and evaluate the impact of the NTIC on a new service for mobility in town centres. This service is made up of small urban vehicles integrated into existing public transport. The MobiVIP project will develop key technological bricks for the integrated deployment of mobility services in urban environment.

The strengths of the project are: 1)the integration between assisted and automatic control, telecommunications, transport modeling, evaluation of service;, 2) the demonstrations on 5 complementary experimental sites and 3° the valuation of possible technology transfer.


This year we worked in collaboration with B. Senach (Ergomatics Consultants) mainly on the delivrable 5.1 which we co-coordonnate with Georges Gallais (Visa Action, INria Sophia Antipolis). This delivrable aims to define a common generic evaluation scenario and proposes a framework to facilitate the identification of the main evaluation dimensions for each planned test or experimentation. The user point of view was mainly developped in such a delivrable [64]. To achieve this deliverable, we design a questionnary to be fullfilled by each partner concerning by the future expriments in order to capture the main evaluation dimensions manipuled by each of them and facilitate the design of a common framework for evaluation purposes.

Industrial Contacts

In the context of industrial visits organised by Inria, we present AxIS researches

Some others contacts during this year:


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