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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: VerTeCs

Project : vertecs

Section: Other Grants and Activities

National grants & contracts


Participant : Thierry Jéron.

The objective of this project with CEA LIST, Thalès Airborne Systems and Thalès R & D, is to automate testing from UML models in the context of Model Driven Engeneering. Our participation consists in expertise for test generation and the use of the TGV tool, in collaboration with the Triskell project-team.


Participants : Bertrand Jeannet, Thierry Jéron, Vlad Rusu, Wendelin Serwe, François-Xavier Ponscarme.

Modocop ( is an ARC (Action de Recherche Coopérative de l'Inria), that started in January 2002. Modocop deals with the Model checking Of Concurrent Object-oriented Programs. The focus is on analysis, verification and test generation for Java programs. Partners are Inria project-teams LANDE, LEMME, OASIS, and VASY and CNRS Lab VERIMAG. VerTeCs works on the analysis of Java programs and interfaces STG with (Synchronous) Java, as output for execution of test cases, and as input to allow a direct specification in a Java-like language. W. Serwe made his Post-Doc in this context.

CNRS Action Spécifique Test no. 23

Participants : Thierry Jéron, Hervé Marchand.

AS STIC 23 ( is a working group (``Action spécifique'') in the context of CNRS networks RTP SECC and SdF, on ``Advanced test techniques for complex systems''. Partners are LAAS (Toulouse), LABRI (Bordeaux), LRI (Orsay), VERIMAG (Grenoble) and TRISKELL (Inria Rennes, 1C).

The objective is to define properly what robustness testing is, and to define new techniques for test generation for robustness. In this context, we proposed a new approach based on a combination of control synthesis and conformance test generation (see  6.3.2).