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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: VerTeCs

Project : vertecs

Section: Software

Keywords : test de conformité , test et vérification symboliques .


Participants : Vlad Rusu [contact], Elena Zinovieva, François-Xavier Ponscarme, Thierry Jéron.

Stg (Symbolic Test Generation) [2] is a prototype tool for the generation and execution of test cases using symbolic techniques. It takes as input a specification and a test purpose described as IOSTS, and generates a test case program also in the form of IOSTS. Test generation in STG is based on a syntactic product of the specification and test purpose IOSTS, an extraction of the subgraph corresponding to the test purpose, elimination of internal actions, determinization, and simplification. The simplification phase now relies on NBAC, which approximates reachable and coreachable states using abstract interpretation. It is used to eliminate unreachable states, and to strengthen the guards of system inputs in order to eliminate some Inconclusive verdicts. After a translation into C++ or Java, test cases can be executed on an implementation in the corresponding language. Constraints on system input parameters are solved on-the-fly during execution.