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Inria / Raweb 2003
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Major publications by the team in recent years

M. Bozga, J.-C. Fernandez, L. Ghirvu, C. Jard, T. Jéron , A. Kerbrat, P. Morel, L. Mounier.
Verification and test generation for the SSCOP protocol, in: Journal of Science of Computer Programming, special issue on Formal Methods in Industry, Janvier 2000, vol. 36, no 1, p. 27-52.
D. Clarke, T. Jéron , V. Rusu , E. Zinovieva .
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B. Jeannet , N. Halbwachs, P. Raymond.
Dynamic Partitioning in Analyses of Numerical Properties, in: Static Analysis Symposium, SAS'99, LNCS, 1999, vol. 1694.
T. Jéron .
TGV: théorie, principes et algorithmes, in: Techniques et Sciences Informatiques, numéro spécial Test de Logiciels, 2002, no 21.
T. Jéron , P. Morel.
Test generation derived from model-checking, in: CAV'99, Trento, Italy, N. Halbwachs, D. Peled (editors), LNCS, Springer-Verlag, Juillet 1999, vol. 1633, p. 108-122.
H. Marchand , O. Boivineau, S. Lafortune.
On the Synthesis of Optimal Schedulers in Discrete Event Control Problems with Multiple Goals, in: SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 2000, vol. 39, no 2, p. 512-532.
H. Marchand , P. Bournai, M. Le Borgne, P. Le Guernic.
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An approach to symbolic test generation, in: International Conference on Integrating Formal Methods (IFM'00), LNCS 1945, Springer Verlag, 2000, p. 338-357.
V. Rusu .
Verifying a Sliding-Window Protocol using PVS, in: Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems (FORTE'01), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001, p. 251-266.

Year Publications

Articles in refereed journals and book chapters

C. Jard, T. Jéron .
TGV: theory, principles and algorithms, A tool for the automatic synthesis of conformance test cases for non-deterministic reactive systems, in: Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT), to appear, 2004.
B. Jeannet .
Dynamic Partitioning In Linear Relation Analysis. Application To The Verification Of Reactive Systems, in: Formal Methods in System Design, July 2003, vol. 23, no 1, p. 5–37.
V. Rusu .
Combining formal verification and conformance testing for validating reactive sstems, in: Journal of Software Testing, Verification, and Reliability, September 2003, vol. 13, no 3.

Publications in Conferences and Workshops

F. Gaucher, E. Jahier, B. Jeannet , F. Maraninchi.
Automatic State Reaching for Debugging Reactive Programs, in: 5th Int. Workshop on Automated and Algorithmic Debugging, AADEBUG'03, September 2003.
B. Gaudin , H. Marchand .
Contrôle de systèmes à événements discrets hiérarchiques, in: 4ième Colloque Francophone sur la Modélisation des Systèmes Réactifs, MSR'03, Metz, France, (Version française de ECC'03), October 2003.
B. Gaudin , H. Marchand .
Modular Supervisory Control of Asynchronous and Hierarchical Finite State Machines, in: European Control Conference, ECC 2003, Cambridge, UK, September 2003
T. Jéron , H. Marchand , V. Rusu , V. Tschaen .
Ensuring the conformance of reactive discrete-event systems using supervisory control, in: 42nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Hawaii, USA, December 2003.
T. Jéron , H. Marchand , V. Rusu , V. Tschaen .
Synthèse de contrôleurs pour une relation de conformité, in: 4ième Colloque Francophone sur la Modélisation des Systèmes Réactifs, MSR'03, Metz, France, October 2003.
A. Khoumsi , J. Drissi.
Méthode de construction de sous-module utilisant la théorie du contrôle des systèmes à événements discrets, in: 4ième Colloque Francophone sur la Modélisation des Systèmes Réactifs, MSR'03, Metz, France, October 2003.
A. Khoumsi , T. Jéron , H. Marchand .
Test Cases Generation for Nondeterministic Real-time Systems, in: 3rd International Workshop on Formal Approaches To Testing of Software (FATES 2003), Montréal, Québec, Canada, October 2003.
V. Rusu .
Compositional verification of an ATM protocol, in: Formal Methods Europe (FME'03), 2003

Internal Reports

B. Gaudin , H. Marchand .
Supervisory Control of Structured Discrete Event Systems, Technical report, IRISA, November 2003, no 1569.
B. Jeannet , W. Serwe .
Abstracting Call-Stacks for Interprocedural Verification of Imperative Programs, Technical report, IRISA, July 2003, no 1543

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