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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: sagep

Project : sagep

Section: Scientific Foundations

Keywords : Real time scheduling , System modeling , System evaluation , Assignment .

The supply chain problems

Participants : Satyaveer Singh Chauhan, Valery Gordon, Jean-Marie Proth.

At the strategic level, supply chains require a high flexibility in the design of systems. Several models have been developed for the choice of partners when a new supply chain is designed. Depending on the type of system, various constraints apply, and thus numerous models should be studied. Three models have been proposed this year:

  1. Selection of providers for productions units, under non convex constraints (see [11] and [13]). This work is the extension of the work carried out in 2001. In this work, we explored the complexity of the problem and proposed some new results.

  2. Selection of partners in a three-stage supply chain, knowing that:

    • more than one partner can be selected at each level,

    • investments to increase the production or/and transportation capacities are allowed (see [11]).

  3. Selection of partner in a multistage supply chain under the following constraints:

    • only one partner should be selected at each level,

    • investment is not allowed, which means that each partner is allowed to use only his available capacities (see [11]).

    Indeed, such a problem may have no solution.

At the tactical level, two main problems have been solved: