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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: s4

Project : s4

Section: Dissemination

Participation to editorial boards and program committees

Philippe Darondeau served as a program committee member for the conference ICALP 2003. He co-organized with Sadatoshi Kumagai (U. of Osaka) the Workshop on Discrete Event Systems Control at the conference ATPN 2003. Philippe Darondeau is serving as a program committee member for the conference STACS 2004.

Albert Benveniste is Associate Editor at Large (AEAL) for the IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, and member of the editorial boards of Proceedings of the IEEE and Discrete Event Dynamic Systems: Theory and Applications. This year, he has been member of the program committee of TACAS, MOVEP, MSR. He has been a plenary speaker at CONCUR. He has been invited speaker at FMCO. He has been invited to become a member of the ISR Strategic Advisory Council (ISR is a center of excellence of the University of Maryland, USA, headed by Eyad Abed).

BenoƮt Caillaud is serving as program committee member for the SLAP 2004 workshop on synchronous programming languages.