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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: s4

Project : s4

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Ouate: Tools for the composition and analysis of timed HMSCs

Participant : Benoît Caillaud.

This collaboration with France Telecom Research and Development, in Lannion (Ouate, contract 101C04550031334061, 2001–2003), has allowed to develop techniques and tools for the analysis and composition of timed High-Level Message Sequence Charts (HMSC) [31]. A performance analysis tool has been developed in 2002 [41].

In 2003, we have contributed (in collaboration with Loïc Hélouët, Team Triskell) to the problem of analyzing the behavior of a system described by a set of local views, expressed by HMSCs. For this purpose, a categorical approach to HMSC composition has been developed, re-using the pull-back of asynchronous transition systems proposed in [14] [22]. In this framework, interaction between two views (i.e., HMSCs) is defined by a pair of morphisms from the two views to an interface view. The composition of two interacting views is the pullback (or fibered product) of the two views (with their interaction morphisms). The resulting view (HMSC) is a limit construction: it projects in the two views in a manner that is consistent with the interaction view. This research work will continue in 2004. We are currently negotiating, with France Telecom, a followup to this collaboration on that specific topic.