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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: s4

Project : s4

Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

Results obtained in Team S4 apply to the design of real-time systems consisting in a distributed hardware architecture and software to be deployed over that architecture. A particular emphasis is put on telecommunication systems and embedded systems (to be embedded in planes, cars, etc.).

Research on scenario languages, and in particular on compositions of High-Level Message Sequence Charts is well suited to the specification and analysis of services in intelligent telecommunication networks. This work is funded by France Telecom (section  7.1).

Our work on weakly-synchronous reactive systems facilitates the mapping of pure synchronous designs to a distributed architecture where communication is done by non-instantaneous message passing. These architectures can be usual asynchronous distributed systems or, more interestingly, loosely time-triggered architectures (LTTA), such as those found on-board recent Airbus planes. In the latter, communication is done by reading or writing periodically (according to local inaccurate real-time clocks) distributed shared variables, without any means of synchronizing these operations. The consequence is that values may be lost or duplicated, and software designed for such specific architectures must resist losses or duplications of messages. The objective of the IST European project Columbus (Section  7.2) is to provide a theoretical and methodological framework in which the correct mapping of synchronous designs to such particular distributed architectures can be best understood.

Our work on Petri net synthesis (Section  6.1), and the PN synthesis tool Synet (Section  5.1) have found applications is various domains such as automated production systems (in particular, flexible production cells, in collaboration with Team Macsi of Inria Lorraine) and work-flow engineering.