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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: Pop Art

Project : popart

Section: Software


Automatic Controller Generation

Participants : E. Rutten [contact person], K. Altisen.

On this subject, the development activities are at the beginning, and encompass two aspects.

On the one hand, the software tool for experimentation, allowing the specification of models, the controller synthesis, and the execution or simulation of the results, is based on existing synchronous tools, and thus consists primarily in the use and integration of Sigali (developed at IRISA) and of Mode Automata (developed at Verimag(

On the other hand, the determination of useful component templates and relevant properties can be given form by libraries of task models, and properties and objectives. To start off, they can be naturally seen in terms of mode automata and the tools of the experimental platform mentioned above, but one can keep in mind their portability towards other platforms.


Participant : G. Gössler.

The first results for compositional modeling and verification (section 6.4) have been implemented in the prototype tool Prometheus, in order to perform case studies to evaluate their potential and limits.

Vehicle Control Tasks

Participants : F. Bouziani, A. Girault [contact person].

Within the framework of our work on the longitudinal control of automatic vehicles [10], we have implemented our control law in the form of an Orccad task, which currently runs on the Cycabs of Inria Rhône-Alpes [21]. We have also designed real-life automated highway simulations with the Shift programming language developed at UC Berkeley(