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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: Pop Art

Project : popart

Section: Software


Participants : S. Arias, D. Simon [contact person].

Orccad( is a software environment that allows the design and implementation of the discrete and continuous control of complex robot systems. It also allows the specification and validation of missions to be realized by this system.

It is mainly intended for critical real-time applications in robotics, in which automatic control aspects (servo loops, control) have to interact narrowly with the handling of discrete events (exception handling). Orccad offers a complete and coherent vertical solution, ranging from the high level specification to real-time code generation.

Figure 1. Orccad's GUI for control design.

Orccad is maintained by the Support Expérimentations & Développement (SED) service of the laboratory. Orccad is used by the experimental robotics platform of Inria. New functionalities are developed jointly by the SED service and the researchers of the Pop Art project.

The current stable version allows for the automatic generation of real-time single-rate controllers running on top of VxWorks, Solaris and Linux.

The main current developments allow for the generation of multi-rate controllers and the use of feedback scheduling running on top of Linux/RTAI.

Some concepts of task structuring and dedicated interfaces for the programming of robot systems give place to a transfer of expertise to the company Athys.