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Project: PARIS

Project : paris

Section: Scientific Foundations

Component model

Software component technology [90] has been emerging for some years even though its underlying intuition is not very recent. Building an application based on components emphasizes programming by assembly, that is, manufacturing, rather than by development. The goals are to focus expertise on domain fields, to improve software quality and to decrease the time to market thanks to reuse of existing codes.

The CORBA Component Model [86], which is part of the latest CORBA [86] specifications (Version 3), appears to be the most complete specification for components. It allows the deployment of a set of components into a distributed environment. Moreover, it supports heterogeneity of programming languages, operating systems, processors, and it also guarantees interoperability between different implementations. However, Ccm does not provide any support for parallel components.

The CCA Forum [72] aims at developing a standard which specifically addresses the needs of the HPC community. Its objective is to define a minimal set of standard interfaces that any high-performance component framework should provide to components, and may expect from them, in order to allow disparate components to be composed together into a running application. CCA aims at supporting both parallel and distributed applications.