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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: METISS

Project : metiss

Section: Dissemination

Conference and workshop committees, invited conference

Frédéric Bimbot was the Local Chairman of the NOLISP'03 workshop on Non-Linear Speech Processing, organised by IRISA in Le Croisic, 20-23 May 2003. Guillaume Gravier and Rémi Gribonval participated actively to the Organisation Committee.

Frédéric Bimbot was an invited speaker to the 3rd AVBPA Conference on Audio-Visual Biometric Person Authentication in Guildford (UK), 9-11 June 2003 and gave a one hour presentation on Speaker Recognition.

Guillaume Gravier was a member of the CBMI'03 workshop on Multimedia Indexation organised in Rennes, 22-24 September 2003

Frédéric Bimbot was a member of the Eurospeech'03, 3rd AVBPA, NOLISP'03 and CBMI'03 Reviewing Committees.

Rémi Gribonval made a short (one week) visit to Pierre Vandergheynst at the Laboratoire des Signaux et Système, EPFL, for a collaboration on Matching Pursuit techniques for audio and video coding. A joint paper is in preparation as a result of the starting collaboration.

Rémi Gribonval visited the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Aalborg for a three month collaboration with Morten Nielsen on the theme of nonlinear approximations with redundant systems. During the visit, Rémi Gribonval participated as an invited speaker to the workshop ``Wavelets and their generalizations'' on August 15-16 at Aalborg. At the end of the visit, three journal papers had been prepared and submitted for publication with Morten Nielsen and Lasse Borup [33] [35] [36].

Frédéric Bimbot has set up a cooperation with the University of Limerick (Rep. of Ireland), C/° Jacqueline Walker, in the context of the Ulysses programme, on the topic of source separation (as a first step for music retranscription).

Rémi Gribonval organized a special session on ``Applications of Independent Components Analysis and Blind Source Separation'' at the conference GRETSI'03, Paris.

Rémi Gribonval was an invited speaker to give a lecture series on nonlinear approximation at a seminar organized in CIRM (Marseille) by the European Network HASSIP in December 2003.