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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: METISS

Project : metiss

Section: Software

Keywords : speech modeling , speech recognition , broadcast news indexing , beam-search .

Speech recognition search engine, Sirocco

Participant : Guillaume Gravier.

METISS actively participates in the development of the freely available Sirocco large vocabulary speech recognition software [47] based on the algorithm described in [58], in collaboration with the computer science department at ENST Paris. The Sirocco project started as an INRIA Concerted Research Action and now work with voluntary contributions.

We are using the Sirocco speech recognition software to validate our algorithms within an entire indexing system. In particular, it has been used to study noise robustness of speech recognition using source separation techniques [18]. We are also currently using Sirocco as the heart of a broadcast news indexing system to demonstrate the know-how of METISS in terms of segmentation into sound classes and into speakers.

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