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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: in-situ

Project : in-situ

Section: Scientific Foundations

Scientific Foundations

Researchers have competing views of what constitutes research. Much of computer science relies on formal theory, which, like mathematics, is evaluated with respect to its internal consistency. The social sciences are based more on descriptive theory, attempting to explain observed behavior, without necessarily being able to predict it. The natural sciences seek predictive theory, using quantitative laws and models to not only explain, but also to anticipate and control naturally-occuring phenomena. We are exploring a fourth approach, which we call generative theory, which builds upon existing knowledge in order to create new categories of artifacts and explore their characterstics.

Human Computer Interaction is a multi-disciplinary field that borrows from multiple disciplines, using social science methods to study and understand human behavior with respect to interactive systems, engineering methods to construct the technical foundations and working prototyes, and design methods, to create and explore novel ideas.

Our goal is to produce prototypes, research methods and software tools that facilitate the design, development and evaluation of interactive systems.