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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: in-situ

Project : in-situ

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

French ACI Archiving and Preservation

Participants : Wendy Mackay, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Pascal Costa-Cunha.

Manuscripts are special kinds of documents not well supported in the digital world. When considered as images, they cannot be used for full-text searching or indexing. When transcribed and used as textual documents, they loose all their graphic features. These features can be ever more important than the textual content. For example, laboratory notebooks contain more than text: formulas (mathematical, biological, chemical), references to experimental objects, photographs or results of printouts of various machines. Historical manuscripts can contain ornamented letters, diacritical marks, hard-to-read text portions or schemas. Literary manuscripts can be very complex graphically and convey an intimate relationship with the author lost in the textual form.

We are working on two contracts aimed at digitizing and supporting manuscripts for literary and historical purposes: ``Collaborative annotation for online manuscripts'' (IDA) and ``Publishing ancient Ethiopian manuscripts'' (Ethiopia). The IDA project is led by INRIA with two partners: the French National Library (BnF) and the Institute of Modern Textes (ITEM). The Ethiopia project is led by the French National Archives with INRIA , the Ethiopian ministry of culture and the British National Library as partners.

For both projects, we will provide our expertise on augmented documents [46] and manuscripts [41] [42]. We will also work on new hypermedia structures and interfaces to better support manuscripts.