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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: in-situ

Project : in-situ

Section: New Results

Interactive Information Visualization

Participant : Jean-Daniel Fekete.

Creating new information visualization techniques using traditional GUI toolkits is long and difficult. We have designed a new toolkit that allows us to experiment with new techniques in a much simpler a general way than before: the Infovis Toolkit (see section  5.4).

The InfoVis Toolkit[32] is designed to support the creation, extension and integration of advanced 2D Information Visualization components into interactive Java Swing applications. The InfoVis Toolkit provides specific data structures to achieve a fast action/feedback loop required by dynamic queries. It comes with a large set of components such as range sliders and tailored control panels to control and configure the visualizations. Supported data structures currently include tables, trees and graphs. Supported visualizations include scatter plots, time series, Treemaps, node-link diagrams for trees and graphs and adjacency matrix for graphs. All visualizations can use fisheye lenses and dynamic labeling. The InfoVis Toolkit supports hardware acceleration when used with Agile2D, an OpenGL-based implementation of the Java Graphics API resulting in speedup factors of 10 to 200.

We are currently exploring new techniques for the visualization of large graphs (for constraint-based programs, large social networks, software engineering), time-based data, exploration and management of familiar datasets. We are also exploring new interaction techniques to filter large datasets since existing techniques do not scale well.

See and [37] [39] for more details.