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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: in-situ

Project : in-situ

Section: Software

Keywords : Video , Toolkit , C++ .

The videoSpace toolkit

Participant : Nicolas Roussel.

VideoSpace [48] is a software toolkit designed to facilitate the use of image streams to support such new forms of human-computer interaction and computer-supported collaborative activities. The motivation for this toolkit is the desire to focus on the uses of video, rather than the technologies it requires. In this perspective, it is not focused on performance or reliability issues, but rather on the ability to support rapid prototyping and incremental development of video applications. This approach contrasts with many of the research themes usually associated to video in the Multimedia or Network communities such as compression, transport or synchronization. VideoSpace is not aimed at these topics. It is rather intended to help HCI and CSCW researchers who want to explore new uses of the images.

VideoSpace is designed after Alan Kay's famous saying: ``simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible''. It provides users and developers with a set of basic tools and a C++ class library that make it easy to integrate image streams within existing or new documents and applications. The tools, for example, allow users to display image streams in HTML documents in place of ordinary static images (see Fig. 1) or to embed these streams into existing X Window applications. Creating a video link with the library requires only a few lines of code; managing multiple sources and including video processing is not much more complicated. Since the image streams managed by videoSpace often involve live video of people, the toolkit also provides a flexible mechanism that allows users to monitor and control access to their own image.

Figure 1. Sample HTML document showing video images captured and transmitted in real-time by a videoSpace application

Source code for videoSpace compiles on Linux and Mac OS X and is freely available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). For more information, see