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Inria / Raweb 2003
Team: Imara

Team : imara

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


ARCOS means ``Action de Recherche pour une COnduite Sécurisée'', i.e. ``Research Action for Secure Driving''.

ARCOS is a pre-competitive research project. It takes place into the PREDIT program. This project aims at improving road safety, with a global goal of 30% accidents reduction. ARCOS considers vehicle, driver and road as a whole system. Thus, the project aims at enhancing driving safety on the basis of four safety functions :

  1. controlling inter-vehicle distances;

  2. avoiding collisions with fixed or slowly moving obstacles;

  3. avoiding lane exit;

  4. alerting other vehicles of accidents.

ARCOS' originality comes from the management of technical specifications through these functions. This is the heart of the project. ARCOS is managed like industrial projects. It comprises eleven research themes, which integrate engineering, human and social sciences.

These emergency management modes enable us to identify the three project deliveries:

Contractor: MEFI & ARMINES

Project duration: 3 years (2002–2005)

R& D investment: euros 13 millions;

58 research partners (public laboratories and industrials).