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Application Domains
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Inria / Raweb 2003
Team: Imara

Team : imara

Section: Application Domains

Keywords : Cybercars , B2 .


The long term effort of the project is to put automatically guided vehicles (cybercars) on the road. It seems too early to mix cybercars and traditional vehicles, but data processing and automation now make it possible to consider in the relatively short term the development of such vehicles and the adapted infrastructures. IMARA aims at using these technologies on experimental platforms (vehicles and infrastructures) to accelerate the technology transfer and to innovate in this field.

IMARA is also developing a new prototype vehicle, the B2. Originally conceived within the CyberCars Project, the intended goal of the B2 is to provide an on-demand, fully automatic taxi service in an urban environment. It represents our goals of an extremely compact and maneuverable machine. At the same time, the B2 is also mechanically simple which reduces manufacturing cost while also minimizing operating costs. Even so, it is a vehicle capable of carrying two people and reaching speeds of 30km/hr; It can turn on itself by virtue of its differential motors; and it is capable of completely automatic control, and thus a true Cybercar.

Other application can be precision docking systems that will allow buses to be automatically maneuvered into a loading zone or maintenance area, allowing easier access for passengers, or more efficient maintenance operations. Transit operating costs will also be reduced through decreased maintenance costs and less damage to the breaking and steering systems.