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Inria / Raweb 2003
Team: Imara

Team : imara

Section: Scientific Foundations

Keywords : Programming , certification , bugs , hardware , software , distributed environment .

Tools for programming and certification

Data processing will play an essential part — even critical — for the safety of automated guided vehicles or even for simply secured vehicles. It is thus of primary importance to minimize hardware or software failures and their consequences. For that, it became essential to bring new techniques of programming and certification. These work are already largely begun with INRIA and with the Ecole des Mines (Language ESTEREL and SynDEx) but the context of the automated road is even more critical than many applications than we try to approach. IMARA thus proposes to continue the development of its certification and programming tools ORCCAD and SynDEx in this automobile context i.e. in a very distributed — and thus necessarily redundant — environment.

Associated projects:

Sosso, Sharp, Icare