Team Imara

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
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Inria / Raweb 2003
Team: Imara

Team : imara

Section: Overall Objectives

Keywords : transportation systems , environment , automated guided vehicle .

Overall Objectives

IMARA is a "horizontal" project at INRIA. Its objective is the coordination and the transfert of all the research done at INRIA which can be applied to the the concepts of "la Route Automatisée". In particular, we will develop and transfer the results of a number of INRIA projects in the following domains:

The goal of these studies is to improve road transportation in terms of safety, efficiency, comfort and also to minimize nuisances.

The project provides to the different cooperating teams, some important means such as a fleet of a dozen of computer driven vehicles, various sensors and advanced computing facilitites including simulation tool. An experimental system based on fully automated vehicles is now being installed on the INRIA grounds at Rocquencourt for visitors and employees.