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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: EVASION

Project : evasion

Section: Other Grants and Activities

National projects

local ARC Slides and Avalanches

Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, Florence Bertails, Fabrice Neyret.

A local cooperation with LEGI, CEMAGREF and Idopt/LMC project was held between April 2001 and April 2003. Its purpose was to obtain tools for visually realistic avalanches for communication about risks (for government authorities, citizens, etc.). Evasion successively studied dense and volatil avalanches, adding visually realistic rendering and small scale animated features to the numerical simulations (See our last results in section 6.4.2).

ARC Intestinal surgery simulation

Participants : Alexis Angelidis, Marie-Paule Cani, François Faure, Laks Raghupathi.

This project, funded by INRIA as a national research action (ARC), was held between January 1999 and July 2003. The partners were EVASION, ALCOVE ( FUTURS Research Unit of INRIA), the company SIMEDGE and IRCAD, a surgical training centre in Strasbourg. Several solutions for animating a virtual intestine were experimented (see section 6.3.4 and 6.6.3). The final prototype was tested by surgeons on July 2003.

ARC Docking

Participant : Georges-Pierre Bonneau.

The partners of this collaboration are EVASION, ISA (INRIA-Nancy Research Unit), and Geometrica (Sophia-Antipolis Research Unit). The main goal of this project (from January 2003 to December 2004) is to develop an immersive, interactive and easy-to-use modelling environment to enhance molecular docking. Website:

CNRS AS Real-Time

Participants : Philippe Decaudin, Sylvain Lefebvre, Alexandre Meyer, Fabrice Neyret.

CNRS AS "real-time" from October 2002 to December 2003: EVASION members participated actively to this AS, which allowed in particular to transmit our remarks and wishes to graphics board developers ATI and Nvidia, with whom we keep in contact.

CNRS AS Collisions

Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, François Faure, Olivier Galizzi, Laks Raghupathi.

We have been one of the managers of the AS Collisions, a one-year working group sponsored by CNRS (October 2002 to October 2003). Several meetings and one session of the annual "Groupe de travail Animation et Simulation" have been devoted to identify and classify the major current practical and theoretical difficulties related to the domain of collision detection.

CNRS AS Virtual Human

Participants : Florence Bertails, Marie-Paule Cani, Caroline Larboulette, Alexandre Perrin, Lionel Reveret.

This project (from October 2003 to October 2004) is an initiative from C. Pelachaud (U. Paris VIII), S. Donikian (SIAMES project, IRISA) and J.P. Jessel (IRIT) to gather state-of-the-art and perspective on the modelling and animation of 3D character animation among the French research community. A initial meeting was held in Paris on the 9th of October 2003. It resulted in the creation of working groups. In particular, the members of EVASION will participate in two groups : Modelling of the human body, lead by S. Akkouche (LIRIS), and Conversation Agents, lead by C. Pelachaud (U. Paris VIII).

Robea "Modèles Bayésiens pour la Génération de Mouvement"

Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, François Faure, Olivier Galizzi, Frank Perbet.

The goal of this project, with SHARP and IRISA (from October 2002 to October 2005), is to model the behaviour of autonomous characters in complex environments. Our contribution is to model a vegetal scene and to simulate uneven ground with local collapses under the feet of the characters. This year we have ported our virtual meadow to OpenMask, the software platform chosen for the project (see section 6.2.4).