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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European actions

Réseau thématique UEML (2001-2003), IST-2001-34229

Participants : Nacer Boudjlida [responsable], Khalid Benali.

Enterprise Modelling techniques and associated visual languages are very important and useful to support new approaches to business transformation and improvement in developing smart organisations and the networked organisations of the future. Visual Enterprise modelling, architecting, integration, operation and management are now providing new approaches to IT solutions development. The Main Objective of the UEML - Unified Enterprise Modelling Language project is to provide an unified and extendible modelling language. For this purpose, the project aimed at: (i) creating a European consensus on a common modelling language in order to facilitate inter-operability within the frame of on-going standardisation efforts. An initial common language representing this consensus has been defined in terms of a core set of modelling constructs. (ii) building an UEML demonstrator to promote, test, validate and improve the proposed Modelling Language Constructs. (iii) preparing the launching of a project to define, implement, and promote the complete UEML. All of these objectives have been fulfilled. Moreover, UEML resulted in a considerable set of classified enterprise modelling requirements.

Network of Excellence INTEROP (2004-2007)

Participants : Nacer Boudjlida [responsable], Khalid Benali, Sami Bhiri, François Charoy, Dong Chen, Walid Gaaloul, Claude Godart, Adnene Guabtni, Olivier Perrin.

Goals of Interop are :


We participate also to several european contracts (ITEA EAST, KVM).