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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ECOO

Project : ecoo

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

RIAM Coopera : e-learning of cooperation, cooperative learning (2002-2004)

Participants : François Charoy [responsable], Romain Chabal, Claude Godart, Pascal Molli, Marc Patten, Miguel Valdes.

Partners of the Coopera project are the society Jeriko, specialist of interactive multimedia, the ECOO project of LORIA, psychologists from the Codisant project, University Nancy 2, and educationists from the Gr@mmsci laboratory, Université Bordeaux 3.

Coopera has the same objective than ToxicFarm, but with a simplified interface and architecture that put the power of version management at the range of almost everybody.

This result has been obtained thanks to several usage analyses: cooperation between several classrooms of several primary schools, continuing education of nurses distributed through France, foreign language learning project development, ...including non computer scientists.

Coopera is developed with basic Web technologies (HTTP, PHP, Mysql ...) and can be easily deployed.