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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ECOO

Project : ecoo

Section: Software

ToxicFarm : services for hosting virtual teams

Participants : Pascal Molli [responsable], François Charoy, Claude Godart, Sébastien Jourdain, Gérald Oster.

Toxic[5] allows a virtual team to organize, and its participants to cooperate. Its objective are in the vein of BSCW and SourceForge but with a particular focus on coordination.

Toxic Farm integrates services for object sharing, communication, task management and group awareness. Object sharing supports file versioning. Classical synchronous and asynchronous communication tools are integrated. Task management provides to-do-lists and flexible workflows. One characteristic of Toxic Farm is the provision of awareness, and especially state awareness in different visualization forms, including treemaps and hyperbolic trees.

ToxicFarm is developed with basic Web technologies (HTTP, PHP, Mysql ...) and can be easily deployed deployed. A simplified version of Toxic Farm is under development in the Coopera project