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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ECOO

Project : ecoo

Section: Software

Bonita : a flexible workflow management system.

Participants : François Charoy [responsable], Claude Godart, Adnène Guabtni, Miguel Faura Valdès.

The Bonita workflow model is defined on a classical graph based model, but with an advanced execution model that allows different kinds of execution strategies: from classical, automatic to less constrained, user driven process execution. Another difference with classical model is that process definition is dynamic. Bonita supports direct process instantiation and execution. A new process can be created by cloning another running or finished process and then adapted to its specific needs. Process fragment importation is also possible.

Bonita is implemented on a J2EE application server. It is available on Jboss and Jonas. It provides a definition and an execution API available as a session bean and as Web services. Integration of external components can be done inside activities using the BeanShel scripting language. Bonita is available as an ObjectWeb project on the ObjectWeb forge ( and as a component of the LibreSource project (