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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ALCOVE

Project : alcove

Section: Scientific Foundations

Keywords : interaction models , autonomous objects .


Our team has been developping for several years a non-immersive 3D environment mimicking a meeting room. A group of users, each one using its own computer, can meet in a virtual office and work together. Such a concept involves new problems, like manipulating virtual objects inside a cooperative framework (how to model real objects ? how to interact with these models ?).

Our research currently focuses on two main subjects : Interaction models and Physically-based autonomous objects. FigureĀ 1 shows the topics that we consider in these subjects.

Figure 1. Research areas of Alcove

Interaction models

It is still illusive and probably useless to reproduce real world interactions on virtual objects. Therefore, we propose new basic metaphors for interaction (such as selection, picking, moving, assemblage, deformation), and we design corresponding devices ( haptic or kinesthesic).

Physically-based autonomous objects

Programming projects nowadays benefit from advanced software concepts like object-oriented or agent-oriented programming. Our goal is to extend these concepts to physical modeling, in order to design autonomous physical objects that can be used inside a distributed cooperative framework. These objects will use such techniques as multi-resolution (physical and geometrical) and multi-representation.