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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ALCOVE

Project : alcove

Section: Other Grants and Activities

National initiatives

P. Meseure as well as A. Kheddar from LSC (Evry) and F. Faure (Evasion Project, Grenoble) have managed the "Action Specifique" (AS) of the CNRS entitled "Collision Detection and Response" during 2003. This AS aims at providing a complete state of the art of collision detection and response. Indeed, these subjects have been studied in various contexts and by several disciplines such as Robotics, Computer Animation, computing geometry... This AS ens at the end of 2003 and states a number of open questions about the covered topics.

The team Alcove participates in this national initiative in collaboration with EVASION (project-team INRIA), ITM ("institut des technologies médicales"), SIMEDGE and IRCAD. This ARC aimed at proposing techniques and algorithm for real-time animation of highly deformable, self-colliding object. The result [4] [19] of this collaboration has been a real-time surgical simulator including intestine and mesentera manipulation.