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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ALCOVE

Project : alcove

Section: Scientific Foundations

Keywords : physical simulation , splines , agent-based architecture .

Multi-resolution and multi-representation of physically-based objects

Participants : Laurent Grisoni, Julien Lenoir.

This research topic aims at providing tools for efficient mechanical adaptivity, and transitions between mechanical models. Multi-resolution for physical real-time animation is still a very poorly covered area, and few results exist. First tests have been recently achieved in our team, that provide full mechanical multi-resolution framework for splines. Multi-representation would study the means to go from a representation to another, when limits of a given model are reached. For such a purpose, first results have been published on a software architecture, and the corresponding algorithms, that permit to encapsulate physical simulation into an agent-based structure: such an architecture seems, in our tests, to be a very good candidate for receiving such multi-representation objects.

Julien LENOIR, Ph.D. student, works on physical simulation of 1D model. A geometric model defined with a 1D spline is enhanced by physical parameters and specialized skinning. The physical model is simulated by the Lagrange formalism combined with Lagrange multipliers allowing geometric and mechanical constraints. Different constraints examples have been demonstrated so far during this PhD thesis work. The current results of its multiresolution mechanical model are very convincing. They should allow a simulation of a thread, including knott tying and cuttingsĀ [8].