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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ACACIA

Project : acacia

Section: Application Domains

Transportation: Accidentology

We collaborated with INRETS for the modeling of knowledge of several experts in road accident analysis (psychological specialists in the driver's behavior, vehicle engineers, infrastructure engineers). This application of accidentology illustrates an example of (partial) corporate memory and moreover, served as concrete example for numerous works of the team: analysis of co-operation between experts during a collective problem resolution, analysis of explanatory dialogues, comparison between multiple expertise models via our MultiKat software, exploitation of CommonKADS method generic models, association of conceptual graphs to expertise documents via our CGKAT software, representation of the artificial agents associated to the experts and their CommonKADS expertise models, exploitation of the C-VISTA model for the representation of multiple points of view of different experts. We developed the RESEDA system (Intranet Network for Detailed Study of Accidents) in XML and JAVA, in order to support INRETS for road accident analysis.