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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ACACIA

Project : acacia

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Knowledge Management Platform

Participants : Olivier Corby (co-resp.), Karine Delêtre, Alain Giboin (co-resp.), Nicolas Gronnier, Cécile Guigard, Olivier Savoie.

The RNRT project KMP (Knowledge Management Platform) is a pluridisciplinary project, which involves teams specialized in computer science, economic sciences, management sciences, ergonomics and psychology, namely: Laboratoire Rodige (UNSA-CNRS), Laboratoire Latapses (UNSA-CNRS), Acacia Team (INRIA Sophia Antipolis), GET (Telecom Paris and ENST Bretagne), Telecom Valley Association (Sophia Antipolis). The application goal of KMP is to construct a web service facilitating the sharing of competences within a community - the Telecom Valley (Sophia Antipolis) - which gathers firms, local institutions, and academic organizations working in the telecommunications domain. The aim of KMP is to promote parternship seeking and setting within the community [30].

The Acacia Team coordinates sub-projects 1 and 3 of the KMP project (1| building an ontology to represent competences; 3| implementing a web service prototype for competence management), in collaboration with Rodige and ENST Bretagne, together with pilot users of KMP. Hence KMP is a use(r)-oriented co-design project. Several actions were undertaken this year, leading to a first version of the KMP prototype, mainly based on Corese, the Acacian semantic search engine:

Figure 2. KMP