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Inria / Raweb 2003
Project: ACACIA

Project : acacia

Section: Software

Keywords : Knowledge Acquisition , Knowledge Capitalization , Corporate Memory , Co-operation , Multiexpertise , Ontology .


Participants : Stefan Hug, Rose Dieng-Kuntz [correspondante].


Multikat is a tool enabling to compare knowledge of several experts automatically, when such knowledge is represented in Sowa's conceptual graph formalism. When modeling the expertise of several experts, one must take into account the expertise conflicts intervening between the expertise models of the various experts, in order to establish their common expertise model. This expertise model can be represented by using Sowa's conceptual graph formalism.

Multikat allows the management of conflicts during modeling of knowledge of several experts: this tool implements an algorithm of comparison and integration of several conceptual graphs corresponding to various viewpoints, the integration being guided by various strategies of integration.

Multikat can be applied to the comparison of ontologies when they are described in conceptual graph formalism.

Multikat is implemented in C/C++ and JAVA, above the conceptual graph platform, COGITO (developed by the LIRMM).

Multikat was registered to the APP and was applied in accidentology.

Multikat was published in [9], [41].