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Section: Scientific Foundations

Keywords : interaction with the user, expression of preferences, subjective clustering, semantic gap, relevance feedback, statistical learning.

Interactive search and personalisation

Participants : Marin Ferecatu, Donald Geman, Nozha Boujemaa, Michel Crucianu, Hichem Houissa, Jean-Paul Chièze.

We are studying here the approaches that allow for a reduction of the "semantic gap" There are several ways to deal with the semantic gap. One prior work is to optimize the fidelity of physical-content descriptors (image signatures) to visual content appearance of the images. The objective of this preliminary step is to bridge what we call the numerical gap. To minimize the numerical gap, we have to develop efficient images signatures. The weakness of visual retrieval results, due to the numerical gap, is often confusingly attributed to the semantic gap. We think that providing richer user-system interaction allows user expression on his preferences and focus on his semantic visual-content target.

Rich user expression comes in a variety of forms :


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